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What is Bail and How it is Different from a Bail Bond?

What is Bail and How it is Different from a Bail Bond?

Bail refers to the amount of money set by a judge for a person to be released from jail to await their scheduled court hearings. The amount of money set by the courts is determined by the person’s past criminal record, current offense, and their level of threat to society. Their level of threat includes the likelihood of them committing another crime while awaiting sentencing.

A bail bond is a bond for gaining a persons’ release from jail. These are also called surety bonds. When a person is arrested and taken to jail, they are given a choice to either stay in jail until their scheduled court date, or obtain a bail bond to get out of jail and appear for court on the scheduled day. The court assigns a dollar amount for their release depending on the person’s criminal history and current charges. If the courts believe the person is likely to flee and not appear for trial, they will assign a very high dollar amount.

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