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 Miami Dade Bail Bond Services 

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24/7 Emergency Bail Bonds Miami Dade

Bail Bonds Services

The bail bond system is designed to release a defendant from jail for the duration of his or her court case. When you find out that a family member or friend is in jail, you can contact a Miami Dade bail bond company to post bail and get that individual out of jail as quickly as possible. Bail is set during the booking process and the defendant has several options for release. Bail is a performance-based contract and the defendant must attend all required court dates. Contact an Miami Bail Bondsman if you are in need of bonding services.

Our Bail Bonds Process

Boom's Bonds Agency of Miami Dade provides professional and confidential Miami Bail Bondsman and services to clients throughout Miami Dade County, Florida.


Here’s how our bail bond process works:


  1. You find out a family member or friend is in jail and call Boom's Bail Bonds Agency of Miami Dade County, Fl for assistance.

  2. You provide basic information about the situation, including where the individual is being detained, how long they have been there, what they are being charged for, whether they are employed, and answer some other standard questions.

  3. We assess the risk involved with the bail bond and draft an agreement.

  4. The bail bond paperwork is finalized and our agent will “post” the bond at the jail site to release the defendant.


Customers are charged a fee of 10% of the full bail amount, or a minimum of $100 mandated by Florida state laws. Boom's Bail Bonds of Miami County Florida offers convenient payment options to make this process as stress-free as possible.

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